production of rolls
of pure cellulose

Our History
The plant of Pian de la Rocca was born in 1967 between mount Rocca and the Serchio river, that is born on mount Belfiore and flows into the Tirrenean sea, near the town of Vecchiano.
The Serchi river has generated many of the paper mills in the Lucca area, because the properties of spring water are important for the outcome of high-end paper. Coming from the town of Borgo a Mozzano at about one kilometer from the mill, you can see the Maddalena bridge, known as "the Devil's Bridge",famous for its peculiar arc shape and the popular legend. It is also the symbol of Borgo a Mozzano, a town of over 7000 people.
In 1987 the plant became what "Rocca Paper Mill" it is today, after substantial chances on a surface of 14.000 square meters. The latest intervention was made in 2010 with the placing of the stainless steel Yankee dryer from Toscotech in Marlia, wich is 10 km from the paper mill. The new Yankee has a diameter of 3600 and a machine light of 2760 with crescent former system that guarantees a productivity of 30.000 tons per year.

A 4 unwinders rewinder machine allows to deliver spools of 1-2-3-4 plies for Toilet paper,kitchen rollsnapkins and handkerchiefs, with top level resistance and softness. Low consumptions and highly qualified personnel ensure the maximum quality of the organization, while the overall quality comes from the use of the best cellulose fibers, coming only from countries that respect the soil organic equilibrium, with FSC® and PEFC™ certified crops.
The company has FSC®, PEFC™ and ISO 50001 certification.
Rocca Paper Mill uses only the best pure cellulose from all over the world to produce jumbo rolls for bathroom tissue, kitchen paper towels, industrial paper rolls (A.F.H.), facial tissue and napkins with very high quality paper.